How do we contact Tickets 2 Fun?
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Here are FAQ and answers about Registering, ticket orders and Eticket exercicio para ganhar peito delivery from HR administrators and employees about Tickets 2 Fun.Contact (949) or email for assistance.Answer: T ickets 2 Fun will email you your company's partner code login.I appreciate your business!If you selected California Overnight, go to m and enter your tracking number.Question: What are your hours of operation?Question: Ok, I've registered my company quantos quilos o bebe ganha por semana with Tickets 2 Fun.Question: Are the tickets I purchase good any day?Final eticket orders are sent between 3-5 daily.E tudo isso sem a necessidade de interromper suas tarefas cotidianas, sem o perigo de queda no atendimento e sem precisar repetir diversas vezes suas informações.Assim é o WhatSAC uma nova forma de comunicação entre o consumidor e a marca.Answer : Office Hours are 6am-6pm, Every day including holidays.Answer: Go to the Tickets 2 Fun home page m and click "Register My Company".Have an additional question not listed?How do my employees take advantage of the online discount offers?Answer: If you selected usps Certified Mail or Express Mail as your shipping method, go to m and enter your tracking number.
Queston: My company features an intranet for employee use.

For locations outside of California, anticipate 3-5 days.Ticket expiration dates, if any, are printed on each ticket.The efiles and payroll inserts provide your company partner code ID and instructions for employees to login to the website.How long does it take to receive my tickets?Conheça mais sobre o WhatSAC.Answer: Eticket orders are processed and emailed throughout the day (7 days a week, including holidays) when they're received by Tickets 2 Fun.Question: Do you offer refunds if I can't use my tickets?I suggest tickets be returned via traceble mail (usps Certified, Fedex) or other secure mail method. .Question: Most importantly, is the Tickets 2 Fun site secure?All phone messages and emails are responded to promptly.Expect delivery of your order in 2-4 days.
Question: As the HR administrator at my company, how do I promote the Tickets 2 Fun program to my employees?
Tickets 2 Fun can create a personalized link to feature on your company intranet.

Eticket orders placed after 5pm are emailed between 5-6am the following morning.
Some tickets feature no expiration date.
Question: Can I pick up my ticket order from Tickets 2 Fun?