Check your travel plan with or p By Bus From Chur, Davos, ritz: Direction San Bernardino, and then stop at Festival Entrance.
Flegma (TesseractStudio) Serbia, furious (How2Make) Russia, galaxy Drop (Merki Music) Switzerland.
Asura (Ultimae Records) France, bitkit (Dacru Records) Belgium, blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Records) France.
Shankra festival 2017, your Life Is Your Message lostallo (Graubunden) - Switzerland -, our ambition and dream was, is and will always be to create a space and place for you to dance in harmony, share, care and celebrate life in oneness.Live Acts, aes Dana (Ultimae Records) France, alienn (Hypergate Records) Portugal.Shankra Childrens Village will be a free child play centre with loads of activities for children from 3 years old.P Lugano-Agno Airport (Switzerland When you land take the FLP train to Lugano main station, from there take the train to Bellinzona and then take the bus direction San Bernardino and then stop at Festival Entrance.We want to thank every single person who dedicated passion in this creative process, to the inhabitants and municipality of Lostallo and especially you, with your smiles and dancing feet, who made our vision reality and began a story to be continued.Hinkstep (Utopic Vision) Sweden, hypnoise (Maharetta Records) Spain, iaui (Maheretta Records) Italy.For more infos please visit: / Camping Opening: 09:00 AM Camping Closing: 18:00 PM Music Genre Psychedelic, Full-On, Psychedelic Progressive, Goa-Trance, Dark Progressive, Hi-Tech, Dark, Chill, Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal, Deep Techno, Instrumental Concerts.Cylon (Grasshoper Records) Japan, dino Psaras (Oktava Records) England, dark Wispher (Alice D Records) Germany.Chromosome (Dream Vision Media) Sweden, crazy Astrounaut (How2make) Russia, cygna (Ultimae Records) France.We are grateful to the people that came from 55 countries who reunited in our valley over 5 days of festival, which made our 11 months of intense work a blessing.Friendly Price Tickets:.00 euro (limited) p childrens village Children below 11 years old get free entrance.Globular (Sofabeats/Shanti Planti Records) England, goasia (Suntrip Records) Serbia, green Beats (Nutek Chill Records) Spain.Arctika (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland, argot Digamma (Argot Digamma) Switzerland, astral Gnomix (Other Worlds Records) Switzerland.Imaginarium (Digital atores que ganharam o oscar 2018 Om Records) Serbia, ital (Antu Records) Chile, jaja (Tribal Vision Records) France Kalki (Wave Production) France Kaya Project (Interchill Records) England Kindzadza (Osom Music) Russia Kliment (Zenon Records) Bulgaria Kloud9 (Maia Brasil Records) Canada Koan (Blue Tunes Records) Russia Kronos (D-Noir Records) Italy.P Check your travel plan with (Swiss Train Timetable) PRE-sales tickets Link: p Early Birds Tickets:.00 CHF Ticket (limited) 1 Level Tickets: 100.00 CHF Ticket (limited) 2 Level Tickets: 120.00 CHF Ticket friendly price tickets Shankra Festival desires to reunite the worldwide tribe.

Bombax (Kamino Records) Germany, brainiac (Grasshoper Records) Germany, carbon Based Lifeforms (Leftfield Records) Sweden.Chacruna (Antu Records) Chile Spain.Groovebox (Grasshoper Records) Japan, gaudi (Rarenoise Records) England, haldolium (Blue Tunes Records) Germany.Escape (24/7 Records) England, etnica (Etnica Records) Spain, filteria (Suntrip Records) Sweden.If you wish to participate as a musical artist, please present your application: p Arts Decorations Coming Soon Activities Coming Soon p p p p Location Lostallo - (Graubünden) - Switzerland p By our Official Busses Please check directly on our website: p By Car.Check your travel plan with or take our official buses p By Airplane There are 3 ways to reach Shankra Festival: Zurich-Kloten Airport (Switzerland) : When you land take the train to Zurich main station then, stop in Bellinzona, then take the Bus direction San.