Leading us to our next Monday, three days ago.
A certain DNS problem, unsolvable unless quem venceu o the voice usa my Internet provider becomes competent (in other words, unsolvable).Okay, so it's Monday in the morning, my vacations just met their end and I got into a bus.No, we wouldn't have any classes.No classes today, trapped by heavy storm with hail and no energy.Said and done and wet.Rain stopped (probably seeing I wasn't afraid) and I got back to School, had my first class (Hallelujah!).Por isso, acreditava que era preciso educar bem as mulheres, as grandes responsáveis pela formação das futuras gerações.That's it so far, my friend calls this whole saga "A Era da Escrotidão something like "The Era of Screwedness".Yeah, the strike was true indeed, and just on time to strike.So here I am, rock you like a hurricane.That's a curious question, little pal.I heard from inside the bathroom.A very dangerous one, who tossed several Splashes against.
After some deep breathes, I flip-flopped the goddamn monster.
Alright, no more problems.

"No classes this week said my teachers.Takes out the heat and stuff.Until I got to my university.But that's Ok, I'm alright.I picked up my phone and a colleague had some great news: "They just gave me a confirmation, we'll have class today." "OH, great!In the dark, seeing less than a meter in front of my eyes.Cool, let's run like hell to the Fine Arts School.That's not even an onomatopoeia.Getting off the bus I headed to the subway.By the way, it's Monday, Monday, gotta get down on M- err, as I was saying, on Mondays I get to actually eat a meal at the university's refectory.What could I expect?